On this “travel page” I will keep you up-to-date with my personal travel experiences and share some of my favorite photos with you. When it comes to traveling I´m always excited like a little child – the airport atmosphere, the feeling while you are sitting in a Starbucks drinking a good cup of cappuccino and watching the different people move with the thought in your mind “wow, where are they from” and the feeling when you watch the departure board with their permanent moving destinations – boah goosebumps and total excitement :).

Before my new planned trip starts I always make some research to be prepared for the new adventures :). I like to browse through the internet and read different articles about the destinations in blogs in order to find some useful information. Such kind of articles are very honest including different “insider” information you can`t read in any typical travel guides – personal experiences,  delicious  restaurants, hotel recommendations, shops, nice places etc. Sometimes it`s really useful to have more than just this classical tourist information. Sure, when you visit Rome the Colosseum is a must-see for everyone or when you travel to NY there is no way around the Empire State Building etc etc, but what about the places beside this top sightseeing destinations? Maybe some of my personal recommendations will turn out as very useful for you.

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My destinations


New York


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