Isabel Marant (<— click here to shop) has re-invented the sneaker trend this season. After she showed her new sneaker collection for spring, they were sold out instantly. For a time, there wasn`t a chance to get them without putting your name on a waiting list. Marant`s casual and comfortable sneaker style skyrocketed in the fashion market. Many celebrities fell in love with this new trend. The special thing about Isabel Marant`s sneakers is the internal heel, which makes your style look casual and elegant at the same time, while your legs look stretched as if you are wearing high heels. Marant attributes the design to her teenage years, when she put a cork sole in her trainers. “I wanted to keep the comfort of a sneaker while looking taller at the same moment,” so Marant. Besides the lovers of the new style there also are many people who can`t get used to the new trend.

What about you – do you like the new wedge sneakers? Or do you think the style is somehow sloppy and sneakers should keep being sneakers, while high heels should keep being high heels?

I`m not sure yet, if I should like or hate this new style. Maybe I should get myself a pair of them to be totally persuaded of the new trend :).

This are somehow my favorites.

Isabel Marant Sneakers

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