Ingredients for 2 people:

What you need:

 400g Eier-Spätzle

 200g 4 Formaggi





Before you start making Käsespätzle, make sure that your kitchen is featured with an appropriate pot and don`t forget to pre-heat the oven by 200 degree Celsius.

I always use this round glass pot:

Start with making a layer of Eier-Spätzle, followed by a layer of cheese and so on until your pot is filled. It`s a matter of taste how much cheese do you take. I´m a fan of big cheese portions, because I like it, when the cheese starts to drag :).

Take a spoon and start to stir the pot content. When you are finished, take the pot and put it for about 20 minutes in your oven.

Take some salt, peper and Röstzwiebel – tataaaa and your Käsespätzle are ready to be eaten :)


Serve your Käsespätzle with some green salad.

Enjoy your meal!




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